" A database oriented company "


Data & Information Administration


By its consultancy and developing services AdminDate & Inf. SRL can help you in all software development phases and application lifecycle: initiation, developing, maintaining and reorganization.

1.      During application initiation/acquisition or reorganization:

  • define application data/requirements;

  • database design;

  • define Data Security Plan;

  • data migration/importing/exporting;

  • choose a proper technological solution ;

2.      During application using in your organization:

  •    database administering;

  •     create decision suport system;

  •      tune database server;

  •      service and help-desk.

3.      During application developing phase:

  •         create applications with database access;

  •         configure a proper network.

Our team has some professional certifications recognized on Microsoft,Oracle and Sybase database technologies.